As we are entering the middle of summer in Edmonton, we are gearing up for our 33rd season at Mile Zero Dance…

SWERVE: our 2017-18 Season

You can pick up a season pass for only $175. This includes an annual membership, and entry to all of our 20+ performances this coming year (except Family Dinner). That means it is less than $8/show to attend. You can purchase your by calling us or purchase it online here:

At a glance, our season line up is:

Canada 150 parties are free and open to the public. Each one is curated by a different artist. Come and check them out:
August 5 – Julie Ferguson
September 30 – Terrence Houle
December 16 – Bridget Jessome

REMIX – October 14 and 15
Naked – December 8 and 9
Night Cuts – three different shows between January-May 2018, dates TBD

Dance Crush:
Justine Chambers “Family Dinner” – November 30 and December 1 (exclusive site specific)
Justine Chambers “Family Dinner: The Lexicon” – December 2, 3
Rebecca Sadowski “The Sash Maker” – January 19, 20
Andrew Tay “You Can’t Buy It (but I’ll sell it to you anyways) SUCKA” – February 23 or 24
Kristine Nutting and Linnea Swan, new work – March 16, 17, 18

Dirt Buffet Cabaret:
September 14 – Curator: Tony Olivares
October 19 – Curator: Jill Pollock
November 9 – Curator: Brooke Leifso
February 1 – Curator: Mpoe Mogale
March 8 – Curator: Liam Cody
April 26 – Curator: Natalie Loveless
May 24 – Curator: Mustafa Rafiq

Subarctic Experimental Arts and Improv Series:
September 8
October 27
November 24
January 12
February 16
April 6
May 4

More information is coming soon. If you have any questions or would like to be on the mailing list, please contact us at or 780.424.1573