MZD offered an engaging dance program where kids were able to learn physical literacy while having fun. They did a great job!

McCauley Boys & Girls Club

We were delighted with this dance group... They got every child in our school excited about dance.

Corine Gannon, Principal, Good Shepherd Elementary School

The students learned a tremendous amount not only about dance, but about cooperation, respect, and the freedom to create and take risks. They experienced many rewards, from a sense of accomplishment and pride to increased self-esteem and confidence in themselves.

B. McDowell, Teacher, Edmonton Catholic Schools

Our creative movement workshops encourage student creativity and promote self-motivation.

Overview:

Students develop movement skills and confidence while learning to express their ideas through dance. Mile Zero offers specific and intellectual instruction in choreography and dance composition. Students are encouraged to create and develop their own work, building an awareness of the structure, content and composition that makes dance into art. Choreographic instruction is highly successful in groups with varying abilities, allowing students to move at their own speed with their own degree of physicality.

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Mile Zero Dance Society has been offering dance education to schools since 1985 and is known for getting students excited about moving and creating with their bodies.

History:

Mile Zero instructors will take over your school’s physical education classes for a day, a week, and up to a two-week residency. We can accommodate budgets and time frames specific to your schools needs. We also provide a teacher in-service before we arrive for our residency, giving teachers a vocabulary and structure of the movement and concepts we will be implementing throughout the program. In each of our lengthier residencies we create an original performance, featuring each classroom, based on a theme or curriculum links chosen by the school. These dance pieces are based on the student’s movement invention and ideas, and are developed and co-coordinated by Mile Zero Dance instructors. Mile Zero is happy to work with schools to ensure an optimum learning experience for every student, all within the educational goals of the Alberta Education Fine Arts and Physical Education Curricula. Themes used in the past have been: Dr Seuss, Making the world a better place, Storytelling, Masks that come to life, and most recently, linking into the curriculum through specific subject areas as chosen by the school like science and social studies. We encourage you to design your own program, fitting any special needs or curriculum connections your school wishes to make. We love trying out new themes and ideas and introducing new subject matter into our programming. The more imaginative the better!

 In a positive, non-competitive environment, participants learn to use their bodies intelligently and consciously.

Programming:

Mile Zero Dance offers Educational Programs to students of all ages. By learning to develop their creativity through movement, students build physical awareness, strength and self-esteem. Working together as a class inspires teamwork, encouraging leadership and co-operation within a group. The first day of each residency Mile Zero provides a 40-minute performance for the whole school to enjoy, taking your students through the daily life of a contemporary dancer. The performance includes four or more professional dancers showcasing a variety of dance pieces, music and costumes. We follow our demonstration with a few interactive games and a question and answer period. The performance allows students to gain perspective on what contemporary dance means today, and gets them excited for the activities ahead! Students are guided through a series of lessons on choreography and the composition of a dance. In small groups they will directly apply their learning in creating short dance studies based on the choreographic topic of that day. At Mile Zero we believe giving students the tools for choreography will strengthen their understanding of dance in general, as well as let everyone feel valid and participate regardless of skill level or mobility restrictions. Our focus on choreography also facilitates critical thinking about art making and opens a dialog of peer assessment and positive reinforcement through discussion.