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Mile Zero Dance Alberta Culture Days

September 29–30, 6:30–8PM
Spazio Performative
10816- 95th Street
Free but Donations Welcome

As part of Alberta Culture Days 2017, Mile Zero Dance will be celebrating the wealth of talent and creativity that exists within our community with two free events including Dance Extravaganza on September 29 and Terrance Houle’s Ghost Days on September 30.

Dance Extravaganza / Ghost Days are part of the celebrations occurring throughout the province during Alberta Culture Days 2017. Alberta Culture Days, September 29 – October 1, is about discovering, experiencing and celebrating our unique blend of peoples and passions, and the importance of culture to a healthy and vibrant province. To learn more, visit www.AlbertaCultureDays.ca


LINEUP 6:30 Show

MC Jake Tkaczyk
TD Trent Crosby
Katherine Semchuk
Jodie Vandekerkhove
Jason Romero
Kathleen Hughes
Sean Giroux
Good Women
Citie Ballet
Usha Gupta – kathak and bharatnatyam 


LINEUP 8:00 Show

Usha Gupta – kathak and bharatnatyam
Tony Olivares
Jeannie V
Rebecca Sadowski and Leif Ingebrigsten “Hum and Haw”
Shrina Patel


Terrance Houle “Ghost Days” (as part of Canada 150 Sesquicentennial Parties)


An experimental art adventure with film/video, performance, photo and music to conjure spirits and ghosts as audience and collaborators. Terrance Houle will attempt to evoke the spirits and ghosts of colonial and non-colonial history, that exist in the light of night as in the darkness of the day.

GHOST DAYS is a project based in many disciplines such as photo, video/film, performance, music and drawing/painting with a major emphasis on collaboration. The project is an experiment in Conjuring and medium-ship mixed with art and collaboration with the living but also the spirit of the dead.